Private Flights Throughout Texas, the US, and Canada

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Charter Flights

For those who want to travel in style without the headache of major airports and the TSA, we offer private flights to nearly anywhere in Texas, the United States, and Canada.

Pilot Services

We can match you with a pilot at a very affordable price. All of our pilots are professional, highly trained, and attend regular recurrent training.

Aircraft Management

Whether you are an aircraft owner or looking to purchase one, let Cinergy Air be the one to take care of the stress and work of owning an aircraft.

Flight Training

Cinergy Air is currently offering Flight Training for High Performance and Complex Endorsements, as well as, Flight Reviews and Intro Flights.

Scenic Flight Tours in Alaska

Key information

700 Mile Non-Stop Range
  • Time Saved Compared to TSA

    Avoid the headache of long security lines and body scanners. Leave your shoes on, and just fly!

  • Customization

    100% custom itineraries!

Explore the world! Travel in Style.